Saba Qizilbash

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Dubai, UAE

At the End of a Rainbow was a 6-week community art project aiming to reach manual laborers who rarely have access to creative programs in the UAE. The project facilitator, Saba Qizilbash, along with AUD art students and volunteers taught a Photography Workshop to a group of 12 manual laborers. The group met every Friday with the participants to teach, step by step, the fundamentals of photography. With the support of multi-media, visual references, group discussions, critiques and hands-on activities, the participants were introduced to the basic techniques of photography as well as its role in journalism, politics and marketing. The workshop culminated with a body of work displayed, along with other art works, at the Pakistan Pavilion.

Project facilitator Saba H. Qizilbash is an artist from Pakistan, currently teaching art at the American University in Dubai.

AUD students: Dalal al Sahhaf, Javeria Pasha, Sami Al Turki, Maisam Darwish, Bader Al Ayubi, Angelica Yassine, Sogoli Sepahpour, Ayesha Hussain

AUD volunteers: Zara Mahmood, Mariam al-Baidhaei, Bilal Pasha, Altamash, Rajaa Khalid, Lama Helweh

Participating workers: Padam Bahadur Rai (Nepal), Qamar Hayat Abbasi (Pakistan), Ajish V.N. (India), Sagheer Afzal (Pakistan), Sajid Ali (Pakistan), Hussain Mahdi (Bangladesh), Muhammad Imran Gaffar (Pakistan), Afzal Hussain (India), Santhosh Gahatraj (Nepal), Shahbaz Alam (Pakistan), Hari Bahadur Thokluhang (Nepal), Abdul Salam (India)